Oven Rebuilds, Retrofits & Repair

“As good as new!” ...Sometimes this old adage is the perfect fit for your newly retrofitted or rebuilt industrial oven.

Precision Quincy specializes in rebuilding and retrofitting industrial ovens

When you need a dedicated and experienced field service team who can service ALL INDUSTRIAL OVEN BRANDS right at your place of business, we can help. At Precision Quincy Ovens, we take a practical approach to solving your problem by doing oven repairs, rebuilds, and retrofits on site, anywhere in North America or Europe. Whether you need oven replacement parts or a reconditioning of oven components, our responsibility, based on your budget, needs, and goals, is to communicate your best options. We will not only deliver a cost-effective oven repair, retrofit, or rebuild, but also get you back up and running a.s.a.p.

Rebuilt oven Better Than New

Industrial oven rebuilding includes using industrial oven replacement parts and oven components designed and manufactured to Precision Quincy’s standards. To rebuild an oven is to recondition by cleaning, inspecting, and replacing severely worn or broken oven components, controls, and parts. Serviceable oven parts are reused within the manufacturer’s acceptable wear limits. The goal of oven rebuilding is to fix your industrial oven so that if functions as good as or better than a new oven. Find out more on our industrial oven services page.

Retrofit Oven Upgrades

With a retrofit oven, the process involves transforming and upgrading oven components in your existing industrial oven to create an oven that meets the requirements of a new process or standard. We can retrofit your oven for anything, from increasing the maximum temperature to adding automation. Your oven retrofit can focus on just one area of the oven or the whole commercial oven system. When you think oven retrofit, think upgrade.

Custom Oven Solutions

For both retrofit ovens and oven rebuilds, our Precision Quincy team will ask questions during the quoting process so that our oven repair services are specifically tailored to your needs, your application, and budget. You may be looking for an oven rebuild or retrofit that meets a long term need, or you may just be looking for a quick oven repair to help you “get by” until you can fit the capital expenditure into your budget.  We can also help you with oven maintenance to help protect your operation.


  • Reduce industrial oven and furnace maintenance costs
  • Ovens rebuilt on site, which avoids rigging and transportation costs
  • You pay only for the oven components and controls replaced
  • Reduced downtime


  • Lower cost investment
  • Improves uptime and availability
  • Lower energy costs
  • Higher industrial oven performance
  • New level of manufacturing data accessibility
  • Conversion of multistage batch to tank recipes
  • Integrates material handling with other processes
  • Reduced industrial oven maintenance costs
  • Reduced setup costs
  • Supports lean total productive maintenance and continuous improvement initiatives
  • Repurpose an old oven for a new application
  • Retrofitting oven is completed at machine site, avoids rigging and transportation costs


Your needs, finances, and exact circumstances are unique. To best meet your individual situation, consider the factors outlined below to help you choose whether you need an oven rebuild, a retrofit oven, or an oven repair.

01 | Potential revenue improvements

With additional capacity or throughput, your potential for earning on a retrofit oven is likely to rise.

02 | Downtime improvement

After the initial investment of updating or rebuilding your industrial oven, you should see less downtime less often.

03 | Speed improvement

Upgrading or rebuilding your industrial oven to include newer technologies often improves run times, increasing production speed.

04 | Minor stoppage reduction

With newer oven components and controls, occasional stoppage times should decrease as the oven equipment runs smoother.

05 | Improved process quality and energy efficiency

The latest improvements in industrial ovens have led to an increase in quality and a decrease in energy consumption.

06 | Short-term costs vs long-term returns

While there is an investment in retrofitting or rebuilding industrial ovens and equipment, deciding on short-term cost versus long-term returns will help you decide on the best solution to your needs.

07 | Non-financial Considerations

Reduced employee complaints, safety compliance, and support of continuous improvement programs are all positive returns when upgrading, retrofitting, or rebuilding out-dated industrial ovens.

Contact our industrial oven sales and engineering professionals to clarify your requirements. Get your questions answered, and learn more about Precision Quincy’s oven rebuilding, retrofitting, and repair services! Just send us a message or call 302-602-8738. Get A Quote

Contact our sales and engineering professionals to clarify your requirements, get your questions answered, and learn about our oven solutions! Just send us a message or call 302-602-8738.

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