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Precision Quincy designs and manufactures industrial ovens with a "perfect fit."

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Industrial Oven Design

Precision Quincy sells industrial ovens with a “perfect fit.” We are proud of our 70-year legacy and the “Precision Quincy” name that we attach to every industrial oven design that leaves our facility in South Beloit, Illinois. We are also proud of the modern approach we take in the design and manufacturing of Precision Quincy industrial ovens and furnaces.

The summary below describes Precision Quincy’s industrial ovens and includes factors that you should consider in your buying decision. See also, Oven Primer: An Introduction to Industrial Process Ovens.

Industrial Oven Applications

Precision Quincy Ovens design and manufactures industrial process ovens for the following applications:

Aluminum AgingFinishingPreheating
AnnealingGlass Heat SoakingSintering
BurnoffHeat TreatingSolution Heat Treating
CompositesHyrdrogen De-EmbrittlementStress Relieving
Curing/BakingPost CuringTeflon Coating
DryingPowder CoatingTempering

For more information, see our Industrial Oven Applications page.

Batch Ovens vs. Conveyor Ovens

Industrial ovens are generally divided into two categories, batch ovens and industrial conveyor ovens:

Batch Ovens - Industrial batch ovens are appropriate when the application has inconsistent load sizes and production volumes.

Conveyor Ovens (also called “Continuous Ovens”) – Industrial conveyor ovens are appropriate for processing high volume, low product-mix. Precision Quincy designs, manufactures and sells custom conveyor ovens through our brand Infratrol.

For more information, view our page on Batch vs Conveyor Ovens.

Oven Chamber Sizes

Industrial batch ovens are also identified by their chamber size:

Laboratory Ovens or Benchtop Ovens - A small industrial oven (less than 10 ft³), usually an electric oven used in laboratory, testing, or low production environments.

Cabinet Ovens - A small to medium (less than 100 ft³) electric or gas fired industrial oven with product shelves used in lower production manufacturing.

Walk-In Ovens and Truck-In Ovens - A medium to large (greater than 100 ft³) electric or gas fired industrial oven with product shelves or carts used in various manufacturing facilities.

View our industrial ovens by Industry page to find out which ovens would best suit your industry.

Oven Design Using 3D Modeling

We live in a 3D world and our Precision Quincy engineers use 3D modeling tools that allow all of us to visualize commercial ovens in the same way. These tools not only improve the industrial oven design process, but also facilitate communication between our engineers and customers. Utilizing modern oven design methods results in industrial ovens with a “perfect fit,” which is especially critical for high temperature commercial ovens and furnaces.

High Temperature Industrial Ovens

As the temperature inside a commercial oven rises above 600⁰ F (315⁰C), the steel used to construct the commercial oven responds with significant thermal expansion. Unlike other industrial oven manufacturers, Precision Quincy designs our industrial ovens and furnaces with multiple fixed pieces that fit together in a manner that relieves stress as thermal expansion occurs.

In other words, our commercial ovens “grow” to accommodate thermal expansion resulting in an industrial oven or furnace with “zero” stress.  For this reason, Precision Quincy ovens and furnaces are well suited for high temperatures up to 1400⁰ F (760⁰C).

Temperature Uniformity

Our industrial oven designs result in superior temperature uniformity. Many different factors influence temperature uniformity in a commercial oven, including controller calibration, sensor calibration, sensor placement within the work area, oven temperature (high temperature/greater variable), circulation (the greater the air circulation/the better the uniformity); placement of workload within the work area, airflow pattern, heat loss through walls, and metal-to-metal conduction. 

At Precision Quincy Ovens, we take all of these variables into consideration and utilize a proven 10-point thermocouple test to ensure the specified uniformity is obtained for the stated oven application. In addition, we supply each of our industrial ovens with a controller (or programmer) with the proper amount of control sensitivity, which will react accordingly to temperature fluctuations.

Understanding Oven Cycle Dynamics

Our engineers will assist you in evaluating your products and processes to determine the appropriate industrial oven cycle dynamics, including proper oven capacity, set point temperature, ramp/soak profile, and cool down (if required). See Understanding Oven Cycle Dynamics.

Other Industrial Oven Services

Precision Quincy is not only a commercial oven supplier. We also offer a full range of industrial oven replacement parts and oven repair and maintenance services, including oven rebuilds and retrofits on all brands of commercial ovens for industrial use.

For more information on any of our commercial oven products or services, including oven design, sales, and installation, or if you still have questions about the type of industrial oven or furnace you need, please call Precision Quincy at 302-602-8738 or request an quote.

Contact our sales and engineering professionals to clarify your requirements, get your questions answered, and learn about our oven solutions! Just send us a message or call 302-602-8738.

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