Industrial Batch Ovens

For over fifty years, PQ Ovens has been an industry leader in designing & manufacturing industrial batch ovens.

Walk In Ovens, along with other industrial ovens

Precision Quincy batch ovens are always manufactured to be a “perfect fit” for your industrial application. Whether electric or gas fired, our industrial batch process ovens are good for thermal processing applications where the size of the load, or the product volume, varies. Precision Quincy has a long history of manufacturing high quality, large and small batch ovens for applications including curing, drying, preheating, annealing, sintering, powder coating, composite, Teflon, stress relieving, tempering, post curing, aging and heat treating. Industrial batch type ovens can be custom designed and built in any width, height and depth to accommodate different load sizes and production volumes. Precision Quincy batch type ovens can also be configured into cabinet lab ovens, or as walk in batch ovens

Our industrial batch ovens have better temperature uniformity than the industrial ovens manufactured by our competition. With every industrial oven we apply a 10-point thermocouple test to ensure temperature uniformity throughout. We also sell our batch ovens with a controller (or programmer) that allows the industrial batch oven to react to temperature fluctuations accordingly. 

Precision Quincy is also unique among industrial oven manufacturers because our batch ovens can handle high temperatures – up to 1400⁰ F (760⁰ C).  To accommodate these higher oven temperatures, we manufacture our industrial batch ovens with thermal expansion in mind, with multiple fixed pieces that form a “perfect fit,” to relieve stress on the steel and account for this thermal expansion. Ask us about industrial batch oven retrofitting, rebuilding and maintenance services.

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