Precision Quincy Powder Coating ovens are designed around the idea of the perfect cure and being the best powder coating ovens on the market.


A powder coating oven is used to cure powder coating finishes. First electrostatically applied, the powder coating, which is usually a thermoset polymer or thermoplastic, is then cured in a thermal process in order to form the final finish. Once cured, the powder coating creates a tough, durable finish that is generally harder and stronger than any conventional paint finish. A cured powder coat finish is often used to coat certain metals in a variety of industries including automobile, agriculture equipment, electronics, cell phone and computer components, and increasingly, for coating aluminum extrusion used in household and building products and equipment.


The engineers from Precision Quincy have launched an offering of ovens tailored for the powder coating industry. We partnered with powder coating oven systems specialists to design a powder coating oven that is a “perfect fit” for the industry. As a result, our powder coating ovens perform better that comparable equipment and result in a finish of the highest quality and term life.


Precision Quincy offers a wide selection of ovens used in powder coating applications, including standard and custom batch ovens ranging in size from a small lab oven and cabinet oven, to a heavy-duty truck-in and walk in oven. We also design custom conveyor  ovens used in conveyorized and cart curing systems. Our powder coating ovens are equipment that are constructed with welded steel and use reinforced steel doors plus heavy-duty blowers and hinges. These ovens include premium-grade insulated walls and roof panels, and are available for curing, powder coating, dehydrating, drying, heat shrinking, pre-heating, testing and many other thermal processing applications. 


A Precision Quincy powder coating oven is an equipment designed to maximize temperature uniformity. Our curing systems take many variables into consideration to ensure heat uniformity including sensor and controller calibration, the placement of the sensors in the work area, air circulation and airflow pattern, the temperature of the oven, heat loss through the walls, and metal-to-metal conduction. These variables are tested through a proven 10-point thermocouple test that is gaged to the application for the powder coating oven. Our powder coating ovens also include control panel systems that allows the operator to monitor the oven’s air temperature and make adjustments as needed.

Lab 40 Series Oven

40 Series low temp cabinet ovens

Lab 40 Series Oven

43 Series low temp cabinet ovens

Lab 49 Series

49 series Laboratory ovens

Lab 54 Series

54 series walk in ovens

Ec Oven Series

ec series walk in ovens

Hd4b Ovens

hd4b series industrial ovens

Hd4t Industrial Ovens

hd4t series industrial ovens

HD5B Series Industrial Oven by PQ Ovens

hd5b series Industrial ovens

HD5T Series Industrial Oven

hd5t series industrial ovens

HD6B Series Industrial Oven

hd6b series industrial ovens

Hd7b Series Industrial Oven Main

hd7b series industrial ovens

Pco Series

powder coating ovens - pco series

walk in truck ovens

tr series walk in truck ovens

Lab X2 Series

x2 series hi temp cabinet ovens

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