Impreglon North America Case Study


Project Goal: Relocate, Rebuild and Retrofit Industrial Ovens for Impreglon – A Multi-Facility Customer

Customer: Impreglon North America offers surface treatment services in the automotive, chemical, and medical device industries across several states.


After acquiring an existing business, Impreglon had several industrial ovens that needed to be relocated from one location in Houston, Texas, to another location.

Two of the industrial ovens to be moved were very large:

  1. The first oven was 45 feet long by 14 feet tall and operated in excess of 800 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. The second industrial other oven was in excess of 65 feet long and 17 feet tall with similar heat capability.

Both large industrial ovens were about 20 years old and made by an oven manufacturer that is no longer in business. Most of the remaining industrial ovens to be moved were Precision Quincy small batch ovens.


While disassembling the two large industrial ovens, the Precision Quincy team found that the ovens were deteriorated to the point that the insulation had fallen down inside the walls of the oven. As the team began to remove other wall panels, the whole oven started to fall apart. It became necessary to reassess these two large industrial ovens for what could be salvaged and reused. See our web page on rebuilding and retrofitting ovens for more details on what is involved.


To rebuild these large industrial ovens to like-new condition, Precision Quincy offered better engineering solutions for the ductwork inside the ovens, in addition to a general oven rebuild. The goal was to retrofit and rebuild the large ovens to maximize efficiency and uniformity. Prior to the move, the ovens experienced cold spots of up to 150 degrees. The goal was to ensure the finished retrofit oven would be uniform within 15 degrees from one end of the oven to the other and from top to bottom.

The wall panels and ductwork within the two large ovens were also redesigned. Both large industrial ovens were successfully installed in the new facility within a few short months. Also included in the move were several small industrial ovens and two paint booths. The Precision Quincy team also assisted in all aspects of getting the industrial ovens approved for operation by the local fire marshal.


The customer was so impressed with the performance demonstrated by Precision Quincy that he invited the company to assist in another project at the company’s Atlanta facility. This project involved an industrial oven retrofit on an indirect fired gas oven that regularly broke down due to total flame tube failure. Once again, the Precision Quincy engineering team was able to re-design and retrofit the oven equipment. The project was a success, further reinforcing the relationship between Precision Quincy and the customer’s success in business.

Impreglon eventually purchased another thermal processing facility in Indiana. Precision Quincy was brought in to make sure the industrial oven equipment purchased would meet the customer’s manufacturing needs. Although this project required original equipment manufacturer (OEM) services, the Precision Quincy service team got this third set of large industrial ovens up and running in an orderly fashion.


Marc Zirkle, President of Impreglon North American:

“Given the thermal processing equipment needs of our business in multiple facilities, we have come to rely on Precision Quincy for solutions. From relocating ovens, to rebuilds and retrofits, to new ovens and related services, we view Precision Quincy as an integral part of our business. We are grateful that Precision Quincy treats us as a valued customer every time we call.”

At Precision Quincy, we service ALL OVEN BRANDS of industrial ovens utilizing our dedicated and experienced field service team that will travel any place in North American or Europe.  We take a practical approach to solving your thermal processing problems, from relocating ovens, to industrial oven rebuilds  and retrofits, parts and servicing, plus new oven manufacturing.

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