The Precision Quincy HD4B Oven model line provides customers with the ultimate in oven performance in a low external height package.

HD4B Series Industrial Oven by PQ Ovens


Designed for customers with low ceiling heights, this model line’s high performance is derived from its high airflow rate and standard top return duct. These combine to produce an oven with exceptional uniformity and high energy transfer rates saving the customer valuable time and money.

The HD4B oven line comes with Horizontal-Vertical Airflow standard, but can also be configured in the shelf cart friendly Full Horizontal Airflow Configuration. These ovens are well suited to handle most industrial heat processes requiring a 500f maximum operating temperature.

Applications include annealing, curing, powder coating, composites curing, dehydrating, hydrogen de-embrittlement, drying, heat setting, heat shrinking, pre-heating, stress-relieving, testing, and many more.

Our skilled customer service team can also help you design a customized version to meet your process’s specific needs. To speak with them call (302)-602-8738 or email sales@pqovens.com.


Interior Width 84
Interior Depth 96
Interior Height 96
Max Temp (F) 500
Max Temp (C) 260
External Width 119.77
External Depth 162.875
External Height (in) (Class A) 129.5
External Height (in) (Class B) 111.5
Internal Volume 448
Airflow Horizontal/Vertical
Recirc Fan 8960
Recirc Motor 7.5
Electric Heat (Class A) 99
Electric Heat (Class B) 72
Fuel Heat 600,000
No of Swing Doors 2
Insulated Wall Thickness 4
Shipping Weight 6,666
Exhauster CFM 550
Horizontal Width Change (in) 4
Horizontal Height Change (in) -10

Standard Features

  • Heavy duty walk in meets or exceeds NFPA-86, NFPA-70, OSHA & UL requirements
  • Factory wired, tested with temperature survey and balanced before shipment
  • Full top return duct
  • High volume air recirculation system
  • Welded steel construction
  • Minimal interior/exterior metal-to-metal contact
  • Painted enamel exterior
  • Reinforced steel doors
  • Double Gasketed door openings
  • FM approved pressure release door latches
  • +/- 10f uniform temperature throughout oven standard
  • Adjustable louvered openings in duct work
  • Heavy duty blowers
  • Pre-wired NEMA 1 control cabinet with UL approved controls
  • Safety interlocks shut off heat if safety requirements are not ALL met
  • Digital indicating temperature controller
  • Solid state excess temperature controller
  • Heavy gauge temperature resistant aluminized steel interior and exterior
  • Oversized mineral wool insulation
  • Heavy duty, large diameter, Incoloy® sheathed low watt density heating elements OR, modulating burner for fuel heated units
  • Ball bearing heavy duty hinges
  • Back mounted heat chamber
  • Main disconnect/breaker switch mounted in control panel
  • Structurally reinforced body
  • 3/16″ or 1/4″ plate floor depending on oven width

Optional Features

  • 2-1/2″ insulated floor
  • Cart guide tracks
  • Carts – flat bed, shelf, hanging
  • Vertical lift door
  • 304 stainless steel interior walk in oven
  • Ramp-soak programmers
  • LFL monitor
  • Full Horizontal Airflow
  • Temperature recorder
  • Door window 12” x 12”
  • Interior light
  • Fresh air filter
  • Motorized dampers
  • NEMA 12 control panel
  • Mini Sentinel Control and Monitoring System (9 first-out alarm indicators, 4 maintenance timers, built-in batch timer, control of exhaust & recirculation motors, optional auto dialer for problem notification)
  • Electric heated oven only
  • SCR power control

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