TR Series Walk In Truck Ovens

Although Precision Quincy’s TR Series walk in truck ovens have a small footprint, they still offer superior oven performance.

Flexible, Versatile Truck Ovens.

PQ Ovens TR Series walk in truck ovens are specifically designed for customers that have limited floor space. Even though the footprint of this industrial truck oven may be small, it still offers exceptional uniformity and high performance. The full horizontal airflow and standard top return air duct helps to deliver a high rate of airflow. And, with high energy transfer rates, this industrial oven design helps to keep costs down and save time. The TR Series walk in truck oven model is ideal for most thermal processes that require up to 800f maximum temperature.

Use this walk in truck oven for many different types of applications including pre-heating, annealing, powder coating, curing, drying, dehydrating, heat shrinking and heat setting, testing, and more! We also do oven rebuilds and retrofitting.


Engineered for on-going value

From the initial purchase price, to on-going operations and maintenance, Precision Quincy’s TR walk in truck ovens are designed to bring you the best possible value. These truck ovens are constructed with the highest quality aluminized welded steel construction on both the interior and exterior. We also utilize only the highest quality oven components. Our goal is to manufacturer industrial walk in ovens that will literally last you for decades so that you get the absolute best out of your investment.

Designed to Give you Options

The TR industrial walk-in truck oven line is available in almost any voltage and as a Class “A” or Class “B” oven. They can also be gas powered or electrically heated. All Precision Quincy industrial ovens are factory wired and tested prior to shipment and come with a limited warranty. The HD4T walk in ovens also meet or exceed NFPA-86, NFPA-70, OSHA & UL requirements.

The TR Series walk in truck ovens can be purchased in 8 different sizes. They also come in a variety of configurations for product loading as well as airflow options. To learn more about buying a custom built TR series industrial oven designed for your specific needs, please call our oven experts at (302)-602-8738 or click on “Get a Quote” button.

Precision Quincy offers 8 standard sizes for walk in truck ovens in multiple airflow and product loading configurations (custom sizes are available). Call our industrial oven team at (302)-602-8738 or click on Get a Quote button to have one of our service team members help you design a custom walk in truck oven that will meet your specific process needs.

Model Interior Width Interior Depth Interior Height Max Temp (F) Capacity CU. FT.
73-500 36 36 60 500 45
73-800 36 36 60 800 45
74-500 48 48 60 500 80
74-800 48 48 60 800 80
75-500 60 60 60 500 125
75-800 60 60 60 800 125
76-500 72 72 60 500 180
76-800 72 72 60 800 180

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