Walk-in refers to the load style. Walk in ovens are extremely flexible for larger parts, baskets or carts. We can even add load/unload automation.

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Precision Quincy Ovens: The “Perfect Fit”

Large walk in ovens by Precision Quincy are manufactured to deliver a “perfect fit” for your business and application. When ordering an industrial walk in oven, beware of oven manufacturers that extol their standard product offering. Standardization for the manufacturer’s convenience does not necessarily translate into a “perfect fit” for the customer. This is especially important for commercial walk in ovens.

The size of the product (or batch size) and how it is loaded into the industrial oven needs to be considered. Should airflow be horizontal-vertical or full horizontal? (See more on airflow patterns on our Oven Basics page.) Can the oven fit into your building in one piece? How large is your door? Did you consider installation and shipping costs in the oven design? Other oven manufacturers are forced to fit you into a standard walk in oven because of their rigid engineering and manufacturing process, but at Precision Quincy, we always ensure a “Perfect Fit.”

What Is A Walk In Oven?

A “walk in oven” is a general term used to describe a category of batch-style ovens used in manufacturing. These industrial ovens are called “walk in” because of their height: about the same as an average person. Industrial walk in ovens range widely in dimensions based on the size of the customer’s product (or batch size), how that product is loaded into the oven, and the customer’s work area. Large walk in industrial ovens can be designed for different types of batches and loading styles: from rack loading, to batches that are loaded in baskets, to floor loading batches and carts with guided-tracks. 

What Is A Truck-In Oven?

A truck-in oven is sometimes considered a walk in oven. A truck-in oven is specifically designed for a cart. Although there does not need to be a limit on the height, truck-in ovens are usually five feet or less in height, and have full horizontal air flow to accommodate the cart.

Features of A Walk In Oven

Industrial walk in ovens (including truck-in ovens) can accommodate temperatures up to up to 1400⁰ F (760⁰ C), but most are usually less than 850⁰ F (454⁰ C). Smaller walk in ovens are typically heated using electric power, while large walk in ovens – because a larger amp draw is required (which adds expense), are usually gas-fired. The entrance of a walk in oven is at floor level and the depth of the oven is unlimited.  Sometimes commercial walk in ovens have doors on both sides.  Most industrial walk in ovens use panelized construction and have at least one recirculation fan. 

Walk In Oven Applications

Walk in ovens are used for many different commercial applications. Precision Quincy manufactures industrial walk in ovens for a wide variety of applications and industries. Walk in ovens are one of the most common styles of industrial ovens used for composites, powder coating, and the heat treating industry.

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